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You may be searching for an application to create picture presentations but you don't know how to use them. Foto2Avi will help you. It's totally free and it's easy to use, you won't need any knowledge, because thanks to its step by step wizard you'll create it with no problem.

Foto2Avi allows you to create picture presentations and add your own sounds or music with no problems. The results are really good, not professional but really good.

Adding pictures to your presentation is as easy as choosing the folder where the pictures are stored in and drag and drop them, choose the transition effects and the output format. Foto2Avi offers you a group of transition effects so your video will not be boring. You'll see a preview and if you like it, press the Ger button and you'll have your video created in a pair of minutes.

Finally, not only will you have a video creator but you'll lso have a freeware video/photo converter to avi/mpeg/flv.
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